The very first blog post I've ever written. Setting out some expectations for the future and of course, a bit of PowerShell.

Hello to everyone who's looking for a place to come learn and improve their PowerShell, Automation and general programming skills. By no means am I an expert but maybe this blog can work to become more than a sum of its parts. A collaborative effort between you and me. If I were trying to be a nerd I would illustrate it as code...

$currentlevel = 0
$goal = $currentlevel + 1
$participants = @("me")

while ($currentlevel -lt $goal) {
    #get comrade in arms
    participants += $

    #learn something
    $currentlevel = learn $currentlevel

    #approaching goal
    if(($currentlevel + 1) -eq $goal) {
        $goal = move-goalpost $goal

function learn ($level) {
    return $level++

function move-goalpost ($goal) {
    return ($goal + (get-random -max 10))

I hopefully have a tonne of good content for you to learn and improve your PowerShell. Check out all my different series in the menu. One series that I plan to have appear frequently is That's What Shell Said. It's always pinned to the menu and its where I will put all the short tips and tricks you want to know in order to be more efficient and hopefully a better automator. If you do ever want to reach out to me, either do so in the comments or with the #dftai. I am just starting to get into Twitter and hope that I can quickly answer your questions via a tweet. Follow me on Twitter Follow @rd_bartram and if you liked this post, please share it on social media with the hashtag #dftai.

Don't Forget To Automate It