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28 Days of DSC: Day 25 Reverse DSC - How Does It Work 🧐

I'm going to keep this one relatively short and explain how ReverseDSC was designed to work and how it can be improved. All the while laying the ground work for creating our own ReverseDSC Scripts.

28 Days of DSC: Day 18 Sandboxing

The first step to testing is being able to sandbox your development environment away from the rest of your machine

28 Days of DSC: Day 17 Class Based Resource Part 3 - The Final

The goal is to demonstrate some more complex, real life uses for classes. Not complex for the sake of being complex, rather beneficial and practical to the implementation of DSC and perhaps other Automation projects.

28 Days of DSC: Day 14 Partial Configurations

The idea behind Partial Configurations is that you can separate the responsibility of each part of you configuration into entirely separate MOFS (Configurations)

28 Days of DSC: Day 10 Delegating DSC Access - WMI

In it's default state, DSC can only be administered by the local admins of the windows machine. This can be problematic if you want to assign lower privileged users.

28 Days of DSC: Day 8 Script Based Resource Part 1

Today is simply discussing the structure of a DSC Resource. How it works, setting it up, and some things to start thinking about before we start coding.

28 Days of DSC: Day 6 Nested Configurations

Nested Configurations are to DSC what functions are to PowerShell. You can reuse them in your configuration script to save you typing the same thing over and over.

28 Days of DSC: Day 2 Using Configuration Data

ConfigurationData is the way in which we pass variables into our DSC Configuration scripts. This post aims to provide a couple of tips on how to make using configdata a little easier.

28 Days of DSC: The Basics

A DSC post for every day in February. Clear, concise, specific DSC posts which will hopefully improve your DSC configurations, resources and troubleshooting no end.

Azure Functions: How Cool Is This Jazz!

A practical demonstration of Azure Functions with PowerShell and C#. API webhooks, Messaging Queues, Cosmic DB. Code as a Service is here.


The very first blog post I've ever written. Setting out some expectations for the future and of course, a bit of PowerShell.